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    33== Description ==
    5 This plugin adds a custom field to to Trac which allows the tickets to be recorded against a specific client.
     5Many people and organisations use Trac internally/privately to manage tasks they undertake for a range of different clients. The ClientsPlugin adds several capabilities to Trac to help manage different clients.
    7 It also provides a user interface via [t:wiki:WebAdmin WebAdmin] (0.10.x only) to administer the client lists. [AWK: The web admin interface works for 0.11 trunk also]
     7Features Include:
     8 * Ability to add, edit and remove clients via the Trac Admin interface.
     9 * Ability to define a default "Hourly Rate" for each client (useful when used in conjunction with WorkLogPlugin and TimingAndEstimationPlugin)
     10 * Adds "Client Work Summary" report for use with TimingAndEstimationPlugin
     11 * Flexible Event structure to keep clients selectively informed by:
     12   * Defining custom events which tie together ''Summaries'' and ''Actions''.
     13   * Defining special blocks (via a WikiProcessor) in which you can embed content that you want to share with a client in ticket descriptions and comments which can be incorporated into Summaries.
    9 It is work in progress and some features are still missing.
     15=== Events ===
    11 At present it requires a [t:ticket:5641 patch] to Trac itself to allow simple use of the {{{enum}}} table to drive custom fields data. [AWK: For 0.11 trunk, patch doesn't seem necessary.]
     17The events system is very flexible and allows you to customise they way you interact with your clients. As it's often convenient to use a single Trac instance for internal management purposes, it is typically inappropriate to give direct access to Trac to your clients. However, using Trac to keep your clients informed is still very desirable.
     19In order to do this, the ClientsPlugin contains several ''Summaries'' which summarise the current status, or the changes in status over time, for each client into an XML object. This object is then passed on to an ''Action'' which can process this summary accordingly and actually do something useful with it.
     21The current ''Summaries'' available are:
     22 * '''Milestone Summary''': Creates a summary of all tickets grouped by milestone (for future milestones with a delivery date attached)
     23 * '''Ticket Changes''': Ticket changes/comments since the last time the event was triggered
     25The current ''Actions'' available are:
     26 * '''Send Email''': Send an email to the client
     27 * '''Post to Zendesk''': Post to a [ Zendesk] forum
     30The system allows some key setup parameters to be defined in the event itself (e.g. an XSLT to reformat the XML object into an HTML email, or a username/password for interacting with Zendesk), and also certain parameters for each event on a per-client basis (e.g. a list of client specific email addresses to send the summary).
     32=== Custom Fields ===
     34ClientsPlugin will automatically add some custom fields to your trac.ini when it is installed.
    2648== Example ==
    28 [AWK: The installation for 0.11 (I'm using Trac 0.11 trunk r6893) appears to be somewhat different from what's described below. A database upgrade will be needed after installing the plugin. During the database upgrade the ini entries were added automatically and they are actually somewhat different from below. Also, the patch mentioned doesn't seem necessary.]
     50Install the plugin then go through the usual trac update process to automatically create the necessary DB tables and fields.
    30 On installation you need to manually add the following custom fields:
    32 {{{
    33 client = select
    34 client.label = Client
    35 client.order = 5
    36 client.options = enum:client
    37 client.value = 0
    38 }}}
    40 And don't forget the [ patch] mentioned above to Trac itself.
    4253== Recent Changes ==