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CodeReviewPlugin Concepts

Basic idea

  • Whenever a changeset is displayed, review information is available:
    • Reviewer
    • Review result description
    • Review result state: ACCEPTED or REJECTED
  • When the user has the permission CODE_REVIEW, this information is editable
    • A button named "Review" is saving the information and setting Reviewer to the current user
  • When the user lacks the permission CODE_REVIEW, this information is read-only
  • Reviews are also available from "View Tickets", if you add a report on the table CODEREVIEW.
    • To make this easier, besides the changeset revision, the changeset author is also redundantly store in this table.


( If approved, turn them to tickets and mark them here accordingly. )

  • Send an email to the author, whenever a changeset is REJECTED.
  • (Somehow) give reviewers an overview on changesets not yet reviews.
    • Currently I accomplish this via the timeline.