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Contact Form Plugin

Notice: This plugin is unmaintained and available for adoption.

This is an external plugin. Please don't report any tickets here. See below for more information.


How often did you have a question about a software project and had no way to contact one of the developers? This is where this plugin comes into play. It provides a contact form to allow users to contact the project team members. The contact form is very basic: it consists of the necessary fields (name, email, subject, message). There is no way to add more fields as this is outside the scope of this plugin. It's just supposed to be a simple contact form for small (or new) projects that didn't have the time (yet) to setup a more advanced contact form.

The contact form is available through an entry in the main nav or under /contactform.

There are two configuration settings that influence this plugin. Both can be found in the [contactform] section in trac.ini.

  • recipients - a comma separated list containing all users that shall receive the contact mail. This list may contain usernames as well as plain email addresses.
  • intro_text - a text that is displayed above the contact form.

displays a list of all users that will informed about ticket changes of a certain ticket. Additionally it informs the user about the current notification

Both settings can also be set using the webadmin interface.

Source and Tickets

You'll find all information about this plugin here. Please file only tickets there.


Author: Sebastian Krysmanski

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