Change History for CreateProjectPlugin

Version Date Author Comment
* 8 weeks Ryan J Ollos Tags deprecated added
9 9 months figaro Substituted reference to WebAdminPlugin
8 21 months figaro Cosmetic changes
7 2 years figaro Cosmetic changes
* 2 years anonymous Tags multi-projects added; multi removed
* 2 years anonymous Tags alpha, bsd-license, multi added
6 2 years figaro Cosmetic changes, tagged with license
5 5 years Ryan J Ollos Added link to source.
4 5 years Ryan J Ollos Added page outline and maintainer.
3 10 years linetor Linked to file attachment instead of repository
2 10 years linetor Added more appropriate title for display on the main index page
1 10 years linetor New hack CreateProjectPlugin, created by linetor