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    3737=== Configuring Trac ===
    38 The path to the documentation points to the directory, in which the '''main.html''' resides.
     39Seth path where you have your doxygen documentation and specify what page should be displayed as main page:
    4243path = <path_to_the_doxygen_documentation>
     44main = <name_of_mainpage_file>
     47Doxygen generated documentation cointains html, png and sometime other files. To tell plugin which file extentions can be handled put to ![doxygen] section in trac.ini this:
     51ext = htm html png # Default values
     54If you want to change main navigation menu button label put this to ![doxygen] section in trac.ini:
     58title = Documentation
    7086To enable the search option the {{{SEARCHENGINE}}} tag must be set to 'YES'.
    72 == Request for Comment by SunSailor ==
    73 Currently, I'm not able to get this plugin running (Trac 0.9.3), the tab is displayed, but without any content. I tried it on two very different machines, which makes wrong paths very unlikly. Anyone else expierence such problems? Any development to be expected in the near future?
    75 ==== Comment by Blackhex on 02/18/2006 ====
    76 I'm curently running this plugin and did some changes to support images in documetation. See ticket [ticket:119]. I'm planning add multiple documentation support see ticket [ticket:171]
    78 ==== Fix by SunSailor on 02/27/2006 ====
    79 So, digged a bit into, why it wouldn't run here at all. I found out, that in process_request, the conversion req.args['path'] fails, as it is an instance of !MiniFieldStorage, not a string. Changing it into req.args.getvalue('path') works then. Would be nice, if you could anticipate it in your code base. Further, it would be nice to get another config option "index", which identifies the initial index file, as it can be index.html or main.html, depending on the doxygen settings. Support for images would be cool, too. Add a comment, if you apreciate me to help you.
    81 Edit: Opened a ticket #194 for the issues and attached a patch, which fixes it. The patch also adds an more compatible aproach for displaying the embedded png images and a new attribute "index", defining the root file of the documentation.
    83 ==== Comment by Blackhex on 02/28/2006 ====
    84 req.args should be a dictionary so req.args['path'] should be right way to get value. I searched for any MiniFieldStorage occurence in trac code and found only some in I'm running Trac with mod_python so that is why I'm not experience theese problems. I started working on multiple documentation support. My idea is to have one Wiki page which will be index page and provide DoxygenPlugins macros for specifying links to doxygen documentations. There should be configurable option to specify which extension should be handled because png is not only format you can have in doxygen's documentation.
    86 Here is little example of trac.ini
    87 {{{
    88 [doxygen]
    89 path = <path_to_directory_with_doxygen_documentations>
    90 title = <title_of_button_in_mainnav>
    91 ext = <list_of_extensions_to_handle>
    92 wiki_index = <name_of_wiki_page>
    93 }}}
    95 And on wiki_index (or any other wiki page) you could specify index using macros:
    96 {{{
    97 = Doxygen Documentations =
    99 [doxygen:project_1/main.html First project documentation]
    100 [doxygen:project_2/main.html Second project documentation]
    101 }}}
    103 where project_1 and project_2 are directories in path.
    104 Feel free to contact me on my e-mail on my wiki page.
    106 ==== Comment by Blackhex on 02/28/2006 ====
    108 In ticket [ticket:171] I added pach agaings SVN version which provide multiple documentation support (as I wrote before), configurable file extensions for handling, configurable button title in mainnav, search.php redirectin, wiki links macro and fix of little bug in searching. Unfortunately displaying of wiki_index switches button in mainnav to wiki button. Is there any option to simple display wiki page (with edit form) directly? Is this plugin already maintained by Jason Parks?
    110 ==== Comment by klando on 06/06/2006 ====
    112 If you want your users to be log in to view the doc just add :
    113 {{{
    114  req.perm.assert_permission('BROWSER_VIEW')
    115 }}}
    116 or any permission you want, on process_request, search_request, search_results of ....
    11888== Author/Contributors ==
    12090'''Author:''' [wiki:jparks] [[BR]]
    121 '''Contributors:'''
    123 [[TagIt(plugin,jparks,alpha,0.9)]]
     91'''Contributors:''' Blackhex