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    37 == Example ==
     37== Installation ==
    39 10:30 11:40 der-hauptfilm
     39You can get a complete set of RPMs at the buildserver site including the trac modules. The tarball itself
     40can be compiled into an rpm based on "rpm -ta $filename". If you do prefer to use distutils / then
     41you can unpack the source tarball and run " install".
     43For proper usage you do also need "gnutv" and "szap" from the dvb tools, please consult
     46You need to run the "scan" utility from the LinuxDVB package once to create a channels.conf - this one
     47should be copy-n-paste to the channels.conf Edit screen of the plugin. After that create a selection of
     48channels and start adding recording times.
     50== Usage ==
     51Remember that you need to press "Activate" the generate the crontab entries. The default assumes that it
     52should not write the /etc/cron.d/* files directly (you need to copy the dvbcronrecording-update-change.cron
     53to /etc/cron.d/dvbcronrecording-update-change.cron once to allow it work) but you can also use a config
     54item to select that it should be written directly.
     56Note that the system grew out of some local command-line scripts that would convert a list of recording times,
     57channel info and program title into a matching recording script along with a CronTab entry. Transforming it into
     58a TracPlugin allows for easier installation on a remote recorder box as well as sharing the recorder by multiple
     59persons with just a web access to the recorder box. This script / plugin is in no way comparable to the
     60advanced multi-media stations like MythTV and LinVDR but on the other hand it is far easier to install.
    4162== Recent Changes ==