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Introduction of trac-wiki mode for emacs.

Trac Wiki Page Editing Mode for Emacs

trac-wiki.el is a emacs lisp code to create/edit wiki pages via XML-RPC. It provides not only comfortable editing on emacs but also some original functions for editing like diff, merging, highlighting, completion.


  • Multiple project access.
  • Retrieve page from remote site and edit it with highlighting.
  • Commit page with version check.
  • Diff / Ediff between editing text and original.
  • Revert local edit.
  • Merge with most recent version if it is modified by other user.
  • Show history of page (but not so informative).
  • Preview page in emacs with w3m (textual).
  • Preview page with external browser with CSS.
  • Search words in trac site for all pages and view result.
  • Completion for macro name and wiki page name in buffer.