Ez produce project Python script


This script executes 'createdb, svnadmin, trac-admin' automatically

 # python ./ add

PROJECTNAME from stdin yourself.

  1. create PostgreSQL DB names PROJECTNAME
  2. create subversion repos to env[ 'svn' ][ 'repos' ]/PROJECTNAME
  3. create trac dir on env[ 'trac' ][ 'projct' ]/PROJECTNAME
  4. init trac project
  5. chmod 777 projectdir, projectdir/log, projectdir/plugins

'dropdb, remove repos dir, remove project directory automatically

 # python ./ del

PROJECTNAME from stdin yourself.

  1. check project
  2. drop PostgreSQL DB names PROJECTNAME
  3. remove subverion repos from env[ 'svn' ][ 'repos' ]/PROJECTNAME
  4. remove trac dir from env[ 'trac' ][ 'projct' ]/PROJECTNAME

Optional list

 # python ./ [list]
  1. show projects
  2. show current settings
    bash@localhost# ./ list
    Current Projects list: 
    合計 0
    Current settings: 
    A = auto detect,  o = valid path,  x = invalid path
           admin:   A       /usr/bin/svnadmin
           repos:   o       /srv/svn/repos
           templ:   o       /usr/share/trac/templates
           admin:   A       /usr/bin/trac-admin
           project: o       /home/trac/public_html
           create:  A       /usr/bin/createdb
           drop:    A       /usr/bin/dropdb
  • for postgresql *

Setting yourself


env = {
        'admin':'do not touch',
        'admin':'do not touch',
        'create':'do not touch',
        'drop':'do not touch'


bash@localhost# python ./ del

Current Projects list: 
total 4
drwxr-xr-x 7 root root 4096 2007-09-12 11:32 test

please input project name: test
[DEBUG] projectname = test
[INFO] removing trac project: test
[INFO] drop db test
[DEBUG] su - postgres -c "/usr/bin/dropdb test"
[INFO] complete.

[INFO] delete svn repos test
[DEBUG] rm -rf /srv/svn/repos/test

[INFO] complete.

[INFO] delete project dir test
[DEBUG] rm -rf /home/trac/public_html/test

[INFO] complete.


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