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FireStats statistics system

Notice: This plugin is unmaintained and available for adoption.


FireStats is a statistics system like none you have ever seen :)

  • Trac integration
  • Real time statistics
  • Recent referrers
  • Search engine keywords
  • Recent popular pages
  • Browser and OS trees, grouped by what matters
  • IP to country - know where your visitors are surfing from
  • 'Raw log' of recent hits
  • Excluding unwanted hits from the database
    • By IP address or by IP range.
    • By user-agent (to be used to filter bots)
    • By URL (to filter referrers spam)
  • Ajax UI, no need to reload the whole page - just press the ‘refresh statistics’ button to get the latest data.
  • A single installation can monitor multiple sites on the same server.
  • Multiple users support, with ability to control which sites each user can access.
  • Designed to work on all browsers. (Tested on Firefox, Explorer, Opera etc)
  • Translated to 18 languages in the last count, and translating to additional languages is easy.
  • Compacts old data to improve performance and reduce database size.
  • Works well on high traffic sites without creating a significant server load.
  • Supports IPV6


Demo of FireStats is available here


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