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    33== Description ==
    5 Gantt chart plugin for trac that uses FusionCharts Free v2 to display a Flash Gantt chart.
    6 More information on FusionCharts Free can be found at
     5The FlashGanttPlugin is a plugin designed to create a close to Gantt like chart based around
     6the existing concepts involved in Trac. Beyond that this plugin is primarily designed to give
     7what we will call a Trac Gantt like view of the milestones, NOT the tickets.
     9It is our experience that reporting Gantt charts on tickets becomes very overwhelming and is
     10unnecessary. Hence, we have created this plugin. We also believe that start date association
     11with milestones is pretty useless. Hence, our Gantt chart doesn't look like a normal Gantt
     12chart that has bars inset from one another. In our Gantt chart all of the bars start at the
     13earliest point in time and go to their Due Date, while the Actual bars go from the earliest
     14point in time and go to the Completed Date. When ordered by Due Date this results in a
     15stair step looking Gantt chart.
     17'''Note:''' This plugin is NOT completed yet. Once it is this line will be removed from the wiki.
     19The FlashGanttPlugin for Trac uses [ FusionCharts Free] to display a Flash Gantt chart.
     20More information on [ FusionCharts Free] can be found at
    721== Bugs/Feature Requests ==