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    3636Feedback is most welcome - see [wiki:osimons] to get in touch with me by mail or on the #trac channel.
     38== Macro ==
     39A macro to display list of posts and extracts outside (or inside)
     40the Blog module - most commonly Wiki pages.
     42All arguments are optional:
     47Available named arguments:
     48 * `recent=` - max. number of posts
     49 * `category=` - a category
     50 * `author=` - an author
     51 * `period=` - time period of the format YYYY/MM
     52 * `heading=` - a heading for the list
     53 * `format=` - type of display (see below for details)
     54 * `max_size=` - max. number of characters to render for each post
     56Example showing some available named arguments:
     58[[BlogList(recent=5, max_size=250, period=2007/12, author=osimons, format=float, heading=Some Trac Posts)]]
     61The arguments for criteria are 'AND'-based, so the above example will render
     62at most 5 posts by 'osimons' in December 2007.
     64There is no heading unless specified.
     66Without restriction on recent number of posts, it will use the number currently
     67active in the Blog module as default for 'float' and 'full' rendering, but for rendering
     68of 'inline' list it will render all found as default unless restricted. Additionally for
     69'float' and 'full' it will truncate content if it is larger than a max_size (if set).
     71The `format=` keyword argument supports rendering these formats:
     72||`format=inline`||Renders an unordered list in the normal text flow (default).||
     73||`format=float`||A floating box out on the side of the page with slightly more detail.||
     74||`format=full`||Full rendering like on period, category and author listings inside blog.||
     76The arguments can appear in any order.
     78Posts are rendered sorted by newest first for all modes.
    3881== Screenshots ==