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Ticket-based Gantt chart and calendar


This plugin adds Gantt charts and calendar views for tickets to Trac.

See also: TeamCalendarPlugin, GoogleCalendarPlugin, CalendarPlugin


Click on the thumbnails for larger versions of the screenshots.

Thumbnail: Gantt chart view
Gantt chart view

Thumbnail: Calendar view
Calendar view

Thumbnail: Ticket creation
Ticket creation example

Download and Installation

'A' Method

This plugin is not hosted on Please refer here for download, installation and usage instructions.

'B' Method

Status: 'Draft' (worked partially)

  1. Download from original repository
  2. Edit this files to translate
    • trunk/ganttcalendar/templates/calendar.html
    • trunk/ganttcalendar/templates/admin_holiday.html
    • trunk/ganttcalendar/templates/gantt.html
  3. Build egg
  4. Install globally (you can disable / enable per project)
    ganttcalendar.ticketcalendar.ticketcalendarplugin = enabled                                                                              
    ganttcalendar.ticketgantt.ticketganttchartplugin = enabled
  5. Configure
    ticketgantt.label = Ticket Gantt
    ticketcalendar.label = Ticket Calendar
    complete = select
    complete.label = Completed [%]
    complete.options = 0|5|10|15|20|25|30|35|40|45|50|55|60|65|70|75|80|85|90|95|100
    complete.value = 0
    complete.order = 12
    due_assign = text
    due_assign.label = Start (YYYY/MM/DD)
    due_assign.order = 10
    due_close = text
    due_close.label = End (YYYY/MM/DD)
    due_close.order = 11
  6. Web server restart


  1. Gantt Ticket:
    • accepted date format as: YYYY-MM-DD
    • shows tickets which dates were edited after plugin was installed (does not show previously edited tickets)
  2. Ticket Calendar:
    • not working yet, maybe this #6542 could be related.


in fact this plugin is not stable

I got the v2_fixed to work. I was disappointed that the Gantt chart doesn't show milestones. (Also note that "Gants" is misspelled in the navigation bar.)

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