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General link syntax plugin


This is wiki syntax provider to make user defined link as trac link style embedding. You can use trac link like "link:mylink:123" which is rendered as anchor to user defined URL with parameter.

This syntax is mainly developed to make link to mailing-list archive. For example, "link:dev:123" means "link to archived message having X-Ml-Count: is 123" and it will be expanded like this:

<a href=''>dev:123</a>

Bugs/Feature Requests

Existing bugs and feature requests for GeneralLinkSyntaxPlugin are here.

If you have any issues, create a new ticket.


GeneralLinkSyntaxPlugin for 0.9.


You can check out the source for GeneralLinkSyntaxPlugin from Subversion at


This plugin is Python Egg and requires EasyInstall package to build. See following page to get and install.

There's two way of installatio for this plugin.

Project local install

build python egg by this command:

python bdist_egg

Then copy egg file in dist directory into your 'plugins' directory in desired environment directory.

Site wide install

To install to use by every projects, do like this:

python install

By this installation, no need to copy python egg files into 'plugins' directory. Trac can find installed python eggs automatically.

Note for version up

The package was renamed to 'TracGeneralLink' from 'GeneralLinkSyntax' when web admin interface is supported (r101). If you installed first version of this package, you must remove old one.


To use the feature of this plugin, you need configure. There is two way:

Using TracWebAdmin

To configure via web interface, you must get TracWebAdmin. It is a plugin module to provide various parameters in trac.ini via web interface. At this time (2005/08/12), TracWebAdmin is not contained in trunk of trac, so you should checkout and install it.

With TracWebAdmin, new navigation 'Admin' is appeared if you are logged in with TRAC_ADMIN permission. In 'Admin' page, 'links' tab entry under 'general' category will be added. You can add/delete/modify links there.

Editting trac.ini

The simplest configuration is here.

dev_url =

With this configuration, you can use "link:dev:123", "[link:dev:123]" or "[link:dev:123 description for message 123]" style of trac link is enabled.

You can also specify display string by xxx_disp entry.

dev_url =
dev_disp = (dev-%s)

With this configuration, "link:dev:123" is rendered with "(dev-123)" as anchor text. If label is specified, like "[link:dev:123 label]", dev_disp is not used.

You can define more links like this:

names=dev, announce, top
dev_url =
announce_url =
top_url =

'dev_url' and 'announce_url' takes one paremter and 'top' takes no paremeter.

Exposing Names

As default, the prefix "link:" is always required. But you can expose 'link name' part into public, thus you can use "dev:123" instead of "link:dev:123". Note that you should not conflict other existing one.

Trac allows only alphabets and numbers for trac link name. So trac does not render exposed style of link like "foo-bar:123" or "[foo-bar:123]". Because my primary purpose of making this plugin is embedding link to mailing list, this limitation is not good. There is a patch to allow such case. The change of this patch is not official and it may cause problem on your existing wiki pages. Use it with with your own risk.


This is an example to make search link to Google.


With this configuration, you can use "google:trac+bts", "[goolg:trac+subversion Trac]", "link:trac-!ticket:123", etc.


Trac link consists by two parts: 'ns' and 'target' joined by ':'. This plugin uses 'link' as 'ns' and 'target' part is splitted into two parts: 'name' and 'id' separated by ':'. For example, 'link:dev:123' is parsed as name is "dev" and id is "123".


Author: gotoh