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Trac Hacks

TracHacks uses TagsPlugin to add basic categorisation to its Trac content. All hacks are tagged with one or more of the available tags?.

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Integrating Trac with 3rd party applications


Macros are simple enhancements to Trac's Wiki engine. Examples include SubWiki, TOC, FootNote, etc.


Modifications to the Trac source in the form of patches. This can include simple changes to templates, patches to the Python code,etc.


Refer to the Trac documentation for installation instructions.


Scripts that enhance the functionality of Trac. This could include things like wrappers around creation of Subversion and Trac projects, post-commit hooks, etc.


Themes are modifications to the visual layout and style of Trac. They can be anything from just CSS changes, to full templates with additional images and styles.

Ticket Workflows

The TracWorkflow is customizable.

Can't find, what you've been looking for? See TracHackDevelopment for some guidance on how to do it on your own.

How do I install these things?

Refer to the Trac plugin documentation and the MacroBazaar for details on how to build and install plugins and macros, respectively. For other types please refer to the page of the hack you are installing for instructions.


If you're curious or seeking an opportunity to help, have a look at the RequestaHack page for features that people request.

See also: HackProcedures, HacksQandMaintenance