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Hack Procedures

The TracHacks page contains more information, contact details, bug reports, enhancements, suggestions, etc.

How to Contribute

We've tried to make this as simple as possible:

  1. Register a user name then login (requires cookies).
  2. Fill out the NewHack form.
  3. Verify all the details for your new page are correct.
  4. Commit your code to the provided Subversion URL
    (alternatively you can simply attach your hack to your Wiki page, ala MacroBazaar, but remember that you can't delete or replace attachments)
  5. Consider subscribing to the trac-hacks mailing list.

List Your Own Hack Hosted Elsewhere

Feel free to create a stub page here with a short description and links to your own hack. Please stick to the page naming convention, by appending the hack type (eg. GanttPlugin). Therefore the DoStuff macro should get a page named DoStuffMacro.

Once you have created your page, tag it with the hack type and it will appear on the HackIndex. Tag it with your TracHacks user ID, if you want it to show up on your user page.

Adopt Unmaintained Hacks

See AdoptingHacks.

How to Use Tags

TracHacks uses TagsPlugin to add basic categorisation to its Trac content.


Additionally, TracHacks uses a couple of metatags when creating new hacks; release and type.

Please don't abuse this.

If a tag page (eg. macro) is itself tagged with one of the meta-tags, it will be included as an option in NewHack. That's quite a confusing sentence, so just take a look at type for an example.

We have defined some shortcuts for commonly used links, such as download:hackname, google:search, trac:wikipage, trac-changeset:changeset and trac-ticket:ticket. Use these TracLinks for your convenience (see InterMapTxt for a complete list).


See also: TracHacks, HacksQandMaintenance