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HgTimeline is an alternative to the TracMercurial plugin, which makes Mercurial repositories accessible from Trac. TracMercurial provides a very well-done plugin that tries to emulate the standard Subversion interface where it makes sense and diverges from it where Mercurial requires a different feature set. The way Trac currently works, though, means that you can only provide an interface to one Mercurial repository at a time.

This plugin tries to provide access from Trac to several different Mercurial clones (whether they belong to one or more projects). This is done by not using the default Trac browser anymore, and instead linking to external hgweb instances (the web interface provided with Mercurial) from the timeline and through wiki syntax.

Therefore, only use this plugin if you want to connect your Trac to multiple Mercurial clones or projects or if you prefer to use hgweb rather than Trac's own source browser.

Bugs/Feature Requests

Existing bugs and feature requests for HgTimelinePlugin are [here.

If you have any issues, create a new ticket.

Download and Source

Download the zipped source, check out using Mercurial, or browse the source online.

Requires Trac 0.11.


Sample configuration needed in trac.ini:

trac.versioncontrol.* = disabled
hgtl.* = enabled

web.href =
proj1-user = /home/user/src/proj1
proj2-user = /home/user/src/proj2
proj1-jdoe = /home/jdoe/src/proj1


Author: Dirkjan Ochtman