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Hobbitmon Plugin for Trac

This plugin is a copy of doxygen trac plugin since both need to display a generated html pages.


Integrates hobbitmon web page into Trac. Hobbit/Hobbitmon is an open source system monitoring tool.

The aim is to embed hobbitmon's webpage within Trac.

The hobbitmon plugin provides a new main navigation tab (named Hobbit by default), which will present hobbit page.

This plugin is compatible with the following releases of Trac:

  • Trac 0.11: the 0.11 version of this plugin is in alpha mode, and this is currently in a work-in-progress-and-not-usable status.

Bugs/Feature Requests


source code for 0.11 Trac on

Screen Shot

css file need to be tuned.


  • Tested on Fedora 9 OS.
  • trac.ini
    [tjyang@ibm 0.11]$ egrep '^html_output = www |hobbitmon'  /srv/trac/hobbit/conf/trac.ini
    hobbitmontrac.hobbitmontrac.hobbitmonplugin = enabled
    html_output = www
    [tjyang@ibm 0.11]$
  • /etc/init.d/http restart




Author: tjyang? Contributors: tjyang