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    88This plugin works very similar to the LuntbuildTracIntegration plugin and the
    99[ Trac Continuum] plugin. The build
    10 results are obtained from one of the RSS feeds Hudson provides.
    12 == Dependencies ==
    14 This plugin requires that the [ python-feedparser]
    15 library is installed on your system.
     10results are obtained from the Hudson remote API.
    1712== Configuration ==
    2015`[hudson]` (if you have the IniAdminPlugin installed they will show up
    2116under `hudson`):
    22  feed_url::
    23    The url of the hudson rss feed containing the build statuses.
    24    Example: `http://localhost/hudson/rssAll`
     17 job_url::
     18   The url of the top-level hudson page if you want to display all
     19   jobs in the timeline, or a job or module url if you want only
     20   display builds from a single job or module.
     21   Examples: `http://localhost/hudson/` (for builds from all jobs),
     22   `http://localhost/hudson/job/build_foo/` (for builds from the
     23   `build_foo` job only).
    2524 username::
    26    The username to use when accessing hudson (both the feed itself
    27    as well as the job descriptions); leave empty if no authentication
    28    is needed.
     25   The username to use when accessing hudson; leave empty if no
     26   authentication is needed.
    2927 password::
    3028   The password to use when accessing hudson; leave empty if no
    3129   authentication is needed.
    32  display_subprojects::
    33    If set to `true` then display subprojects in the timeline too;
    34    otherwise only top-level projects are displayed.
     30 display_modules::
     31   If set to `true` then display the builds of individual modules in
     32   the timeline too; otherwise only builds of jobs are displayed.
    3533 main_page::
    3634   The url of the hudson page to link to from the trac mainnav; if
    4745   the canned "Build finished successfully" etc messages.
     47Furthermore, make sure you assign users the `BUILD_VIEW` permission in
     48order for them to be able to see the builds in the timeline.
    5051== Bugs/Feature Requests ==
    5960Download the [download:hudsontracplugin zipped source], check out [/svn/hudsontracplugin using Subversion], or [source:hudsontracplugin browse the source] with Trac.
     62== Upgrade Notes ==
     64If you are upgrading from version 0.2 of this plugin (pre r6683) then
     65you will need to make the following changes:
     66 * the `feed_url` option has been replaced by the `job_url` option;
     67   the latter points to the top-level hudson page or to a job page,
     68   not an RSS feed anymore.
     69 * the `display_subprojects` has been renamed `display_modules`
     70 * you must assign users the `BUILD_VIEW` permission in order for them
     71   to see the builds
     72 * The [ python-feedparser] library is no
     73   longer required.
    6175== Recent Changes ==