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    1 = InterWiki: linking to other Wikis =
     1= Support for InterWiki links =
    3 Here are the InterWiki prefixes known on this Trac site:
    4 [[InterWiki]]
     3''(since [milestone:0.10])''
    6 Note that the InterWiki prefixes for trac:
    7  * trac-changeset:1234 and trac-ticket:567
    8 can be rewritten using the trac:InterTrac syntax, as:
    9  * trac:changeset:1234 and trac:ticket:567
    10 or even more concisely, as:
    11  * [T1234] and #T567.
     5== Definition ==
     7An InterWiki link can be used for referring to a Wiki page
     8located in another Wiki system, and by extension, to any object
     9located in any other Web application, provided a simple URL
     10mapping can be done.
     12== Link Syntax ==
     18The link is composed by the targeted Wiki (or system) name,
     19followed by a column (e.g. {{{MeatBall:}}}),
     20followed by a page specification in the target.
     21Note that, as for InterTrac prefixes, InterWiki prefixes are case insensitive.
     23The target Wiki URL is looked up in a the InterMapTxt wiki page,
     24modelled after
     25[ MeatBall:InterMapTxt].
     27In addition to traditional InterWiki links, where the target
     28is simply ''appended'' to the URL,
     29Trac supports parametric InterWiki URLs:
     30identifiers `$1`, `$2`, ... in the URL
     31will be replaced by corresponding arguments.
     32The argument list is formed by splitting the page identifier
     33using the ":" separator.
     35== Examples ==
     37If the following is an excerpt of the InterMapTxt page:
     40= InterMapTxt =
     41== This is the place for defining InterWiki prefixes ==
     43Currently active prefixes: [[InterWiki]]
     45This page is modelled after the MeatBall:InterMapTxt page.
     46In addition, an optional comment is allowed after the mapping.
    14 See also: InterMapTxt and T:InterWiki. Please create a [ new ticket] if you would like other InterWiki links added.
     49PEP$1.html                                       # Python Enhancement Proposal $1
     50TracML$1  # Message $1 in Trac Mailing List
     62 * `MoinMoin:InterWikiMap` should be rendered as
     63   [ MoinMoin:InterWikiMap]
     64   and the ''title'' for that link would be "!InterWikiMap in !MoinMoin"
     65 * {{{TracML:4346}}} should be rendered as
     66   [ TracML:4346]
     67   and the ''title'' for that link would be "Message 4346 in Trac Mailing List"