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Itteco implementation for agile project management


This plugin is the implementation of necessary features of Agile project management, such as shared whiteboards. Unlike available Agile plugins, Itteco Trac Plugin applies the minimalistic approach of Trac itself while keeping all existing options of configurations. In other words, with IttecoTracPlugin, you are still able to use all of the features of your previous Trac configurations.

See also TracBacklogPlugin, BacklogPlugin, AgiloForScrumPlugin, IttecoTracPlugin.

What's new in Itteco Trac Plugin v 0.1

  • Hierarchical milestones (default is 3 levels of hierarchy: release, sprint and build, but you may configure everything)
  • Cross-references of the tickets to other tickets and to wiki pages (updated Edit Ticket form, with easy-to-use search and drag-n-drop or references)
  • Introduction of basic Scope Management by means of incorporating the Scope Element (default name is story, but, again, configurable)
  • Whiteboards (though actually not white) with drag-n-drop of the tickets across statuses, team members, milestones and scope elements

Support of the plugin

The primary purpose of the plugin is to suit the needs of Itteco. However, we would except all reasonable usability enhancement requests and will consider your suggestions on additional features. As we use the plugin in multiple projects ourselves, we will be more then grateful if you report defects by submitting the ticket. We will fix it on severity basis.

Roadmap of Itteco Trac Plugin

  • After going out of the private beta, we plan to focus our effort on creating the team and private calendars (with the option to read it from calendar readers such as Google calendar) and on time tracking based on these calendars for the next sprint.
  • Once the time-tracking is done within the next sprint, we will go ahead with implementation of burndowns (though we actually expect it to be burn-ups).

Bugs/Feature Requests

Existing bugs and feature requests for IttecoTracPlugin are here.

If you have any issues, create a new ticket.


The original repository subversion repository has been removed, and the repository moved to IttecoTracPlugin on github. Changeset 53 from subversion is not marked in the new repository, but revision 15c4ea52034da4cb5a6e seems to work for Trac 0.11. See trac-users thread. You need to clone the repository and checkout the indicated revision (or download just that commit), then build your egg.


Example of usage would be Agile teams (Scrum in particular) who wish to benefit from all flexibility of Trac, yet need the visualization of their work.


Author: itteco
Maintainer: Itteco Software