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Dec 4, 2011, 6:25:57 AM (6 years ago)
Ryan J Ollos

News and release notes.


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    1010== Bugs/Feature Requests ==
     16= News =
     18Version 0.5dev of this plugin is now available. Recent changes are:
     19 * Upgraded from the [ jQuery Autocomplete Plugin] to [ jQuery UI 1.8.16].
     20 * Added support for the TagsPlugin (#4201).
     21 * The autocomplete list can be attached to a text-based field other than the Keywords field (#5831).
     22 * The` helppage` link can point to any resource in any realm. For example, it can be a link to the `/tags` page. Previously, it could only point to a wiki page (#5907).
     23 * Several bug fixes.
     25Compatibility notes:
     26 * Previously, the `multipleseparator` configuration option was defined in quotes (e.g. `", "`). Now, only the separator character should be specified (e.g. `multipleseparator = ,`).
     27 * Several of the configuration options will be renamed before 0.5 is released. Please revisit this section for additional notes before installing a new version.
     29Planned enhancements before 0.5 is released:
     30 * Allow the autocomplete list to be attached to more than one text-based ticket field. Additionally, different configurations will be supported for each ticket field. For example, one of the ticket fields could be using keywords from the TagsPlugin and the other could be using keywords defined in trac.ini (#5831).
     31 * A new boolean option `usetagsplugin`. Currently, the TagsPlugin will be used when it is installed and enabled.
     32 * Offer all keywords used up until now for use, even if the TagsPlugin is not installed (#3816).
    1235Existing bugs and feature requests for KeywordSuggestPlugin are