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List all Wiki Pages with Last Changed Data and Author or Last Changes By Author


The macro ListOfWikiPages prints a table of all (user generated, i.e. non-trac-default) wiki pages with last changed date and author as requested in Request-a-Hack #2427. Version 0.2 provides also a long format which also includes the newest version number and links to the difference and the history as well as the last comment. This was requested by #4717.

The second macro provided by this package is LastChangesBy which prints the last changes made by the given user or the logged-in user if no username is given.

This package now uses the AdvParseArgsPlugin which must also be installed.


Put the following into your trac.ini configuration file:

traclistofwikipages.* = enabled

# Optional list of ignored users, defaults to 'trac' to ignore trac's default wiki pages:
#ignore_users = trac

# Select default format 'long' or 'short'. Defaults to 'short' which is the pre-v0.2 format.
#default_format = long
#default_format = short

Bugs/Feature Requests

Existing bugs and feature requests for ListOfWikiPagesMacro are here.

If you have any issues, create a new ticket.

Download and Source

Download the [download:listofwikipagesmacro zipped source], check out using Subversion from here, or browse the source with Trac.



You can use the ListOfWikiPages macro like this:

[[ListOfWikiPages]]                     # default format as configured in the config file
[[ListOfWikiPages(format=short)]]       # short format
[[ListOfWikiPages(format=long)]]        # long format (new v0.2)

which prints a table of all wiki pages, or with a list of wiki pages:


Since v0.3 the optional arguments from and to can be used to specify a time/date range as requested by #5344. The values of this arguments are taken as negative offsets to the current time (i.e. the time the wiki page is displayed). Allowed is a number followed by a unit which can be s,m,h,d,w,o,y for seconds, minutes, hours, days, weeks, month and years. If the unit is missing seconds are assumed.

[[ListOfWikiPages(from=3d)]]            # displays all wiki pages changed in the last three days
[[ListOfWikiPages(to=15m)]]             # displays all wiki pages was where changed longer than 15 minutes ago
[[ListOfWikiPages(from=4.5w,to=15h)]]   # displays all wiki pages was where changed between 4 1/2 week and 15 hours ago

A headline can be given using a headline argument:

[[ListOfWikiPages(headline=Headline text without any comma)]]     # sets a table headline, may not contain '`,`'

The order can be reversed, i.e. list the oldest wikis first, using:


Unwanted wiki ranges (e.g. Trac*) can be excluded by the exclude=pattern option which can be given multiple times. The wildcards '*' (matches everything) and '?' (matches a single character) can be used in the pattern. (Requested by #6074)


The resulting table looks like this (example links not functional) in the long format. The short format simply lacks the columns Version, Diff, History and Comment.

WikiPageLast Changed AtByVersionDiffHistoryComment
SandBox10/24/09 12:21:21 (98 minutes ago)martin43DiffHistory
test10/24/09 05:22:14 (9 hours ago)martin3DiffHistory
TracLinks10/21/09 15:05:36 (3 days ago)martin4DiffHistoryReplaced "raw-attachment:" with "htdoc:dl/".


This macro prints a table similar to the one above only with the By column missing and the author name in the table head.

[[LastChangesBy(martin_s)]]          # the last 5 changes by user `martin_s`
[[LastChangesBy(martin_s,10)]]       # the last 10 changes by user `martin_s`

[[LastChangesBy]]                    # or
[[LastChangesBy()]]                  # the last 5 changes by the current user (i.e. every user sees it's own changes, if logged-on)
[[LastChangesBy(,12)]]               # the last 12 changes by the current user

[[LastChangesBy(...,format=...]]     # Selects `long` or `short` table format
[[LastChangesBy(...,from=..,to=..]]  # Selects `from` and `to` time/date range

[[LastChangesBy(...,headline=...]]   # Overwrites headline, may not contain `','`

[[LastChangesBy(...,order=reverse]]  # Lists the wikis in reverse order. Only really useful with few wikis or with `to`/`from`.

[[LastChangesBy(..,exclude=pattern]] # Excludes wikis matching `pattern`. Wildcards `*` and `?` are supported.
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test10/24/09 05:22:14 (9 hours ago)3DiffHistory
TracLinks10/21/09 15:05:36 (3 days ago)4DiffHistoryReplaced "raw-attachment:" with "htdoc:dl/".

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Refs #7588, #12776.



Author: martin_s