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Michael B. Parker (user MBParker)

as of 2006.June.06

MIT Computer Science Graduate, US Army Reserves (Hospital IT Officer), IT Computer Consultant & Researcher

Currently developing a wiki / Content Management System (CMS) to feature:

  • good version control with diffs and merges (hence my interest in Trac :-)
  • good security (ACLs)
  • WYSIWYG (for wide appeal and easy copy-and-paste of HTML)
  • ideally driven by XML and XSLT (know of any XML Wiki yet?)
  • eventually also driven by a knowledge representation system (Semantic Wiki / Semantic Web)
  • application development platform
  • and eventually also fully-distributed, server-less (peer-only) data storage (auto-backup, auto data replication & movement, no centralization)

If interested, please contact me. is my IT consulting page.

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