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    3030[[Image(, title=Mac OS theme screenshot, alt=Mac OS theme screenshot, link=]]
     32=== Configuration options in trac.ini ===
     34==== [docknav] ====
     36|| coefficient  || Attenuation coefficient. This controls the relationship between the distance from the cursor and the amount of expansion of any affected image within that distance. A coefficient of 1 makes the expansion linear with respect to distance from cursor; a larger coefficient gives a greater degree of expansion the closer to the cursor the affected image is (within distance). ||
     37|| default ||   Catch-all image in dock menu. ||
     38|| distance ||  Attenuation distance from cursor, ie the distance (in pixels) from the cursor that an image has to be within in order to have any expansion applied. Note that attenuation is always calculated as if the Dock was 'at rest' (no images expanded), even though there may be expanded images at the time. ||
     39|| duration ||  The duration (in milliseconds) of the initial 'on-Dock' expansion, and the 'off-Dock' shrinkage. ||
     40|| fadeIn ||    The amount of time (in milliseconds) for the initial fade-in of the Dock after initialisation. By default this is set to 1000, which means that the Dock is displayed in full 1 second after it's initialized. Set this value to 0 (zero) to remove the effect. ||
     41|| fadeLayer || By default the fade-in effect is applied to the original target menu element. By specifying either 'wrap' or 'dock' here, the fade-in element can be switched to the child or grand-child of the original target menu element. This option only has any effect if fadeIn is set, and is really only useful for cases where, for example, background colours have been styled on the original menu element and you don't want them to be faded in. ||
     42|| images ||    Images rendered in dock menu. ||
     43|| inactivity ||        The period of time (in milliseconds) after which the Dock will shrink if there has been no movement of the mouse while it is over an expanded Dock. Set to 0 (zero) to disable the inactivity timeout . ||
     44|| labels ||    This enables/disables display of a label on the current image. Allowed string values are 2 characters in length: the first character indicates horizontal position (t=top, m=middle, b=bottom) and the second indicates vertical position (l=left, c=center, r=right). Default is 'tl' (i.e. labels shown in top-left corner). Please be aware that enabling this option with one of the middle/center label positions (eg. 'ml', 'bc', etc) may have a slight effect on the performance of the Dock, simply due to the additional processing required to position the label correctly. Hide labels by leaving this option empty. ||
     45|| step ||      The timer interval (in milliseconds) between each animation step of the 'on-Dock' expansion, and the 'off-Dock' shrinkage. ||
     47==== [macos] ====
     49|| tbcount ||   Number of fixed items in toolbar ||
    3251== Bugs/Feature Requests ==