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Mantis bugs can be imported using this script.

Currently, the following data is imported from Mantis:

  • bugs
  • bug comments
  • bug activity (field changes)
  • attachments (as long as they're stored in the database)

Attachments are imported ONLY if they're stored in the database. There's no provision for migrating filesystem-based attachments at this time. If you use the script, please read the NOTES section (at the top of the file) and make sure you adjust the config parameters for your environment.

Bugs/Feature Requests

If you have any issues, please create a new ticket on github.

Historical bugs and feature requests for MantisImportScript are here.


Download the zipped source from github.


You can browse the source and check out MantisImportScript from here using git or subversion.

Example has similar parameters as the script:

mantis2trac - Imports a bug database from Mantis into Trac.

Usage: [options]

Available Options:

  --db [MySQL dbname]                - Mantis database
  --tracenv /path/to/trac/env        - Full path to Trac db environment
  -h | --host [MySQL hostname]       - Mantis DNS host name
  -u | --user [MySQL username]       - Effective Mantis database user
  -p | --passwd [MySQL password]     - Mantis database user password
  -c | --clean                       - Remove current Trac tickets before importing
  --products [Product1,"Product 2"]  - List of products to import from mantis
  --help | help                      - This help info


Author: Paul Baranowski
Contributors: João Prado Maia, codeFiend, [licho@… John Lichovník]