Manual Testing Plugin

Notice: No stable version of this plugin available yet, still in development. This plugin does not yet function.


This plugin provides a report ticketing-like system for writing manual test plans, organizing them into test-suites. It also allows users to run the test suites, and record the results of each test and its suite.

Key features:

  • Use Trac to manage test-suites and tests.
  • Use your Trac projects version numbers and milestones to track the progress of testing.
  • "Execute" your manual test suites against software versions to get reports on a software versions status against the test suite.


  • Create test-suites.
  • Write the manual tests and add them to the test-suite.
  • Execute/Run the suite against a specific version of your software to-be-tested.
    • Record test result as Pass/Fail, file bug as a Trac ticket in the case of a failure.
  • View result of test-suite against software versions.

See also: Test Link (provides Trac integration), TestCaseManagementPlugin, QaTrackerPlugin

Bugs/Feature Requests

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Download the zipped source from here.


You can check out ManualTestingPlugin from here using Subversion, or browse the source with Trac.


  • Create a test suite.
  • Write test plans for your software, adding them to the suite.
  • Select a version of your software to run the suite.
  • Run suite by executing your testplans.
  • Each test has a PASS or FAIL status, which is recorded on a per-user/version basis, resulting in an overall test suite PASS or FAIL for that version of the software.

Recent Changes

2526 by eclip5e on 2007-07-25 00:37:46



  • Added priorities to test plans.
  • Fixed bug where component value wasn't being added properly to each suite.
2525 by eclip5e on 2007-07-24 23:53:53



  • Pulled trac.authname into the forms so form are autopopulated.
2524 by eclip5e on 2007-07-24 23:39:39



  • Implemented test suite adding.
  • A minor code layout change.


Author: eclip5e

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