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New hack MetapostPlugin, created by seas



Plugin for embedding Metapost diagrams into Wiki-pages.

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#!metapost input metauml; beginfig(1);

Begin.b;"Eat something good", "from the kitchen"); Branch.enough; Fork.fork("h", 50);"Read a book"); Activity.listen("Listen to music", "(and ignore it)"); Fork.join("h", 50); End.e;, listen); Group.readListen(read, listen);

leftToRight(30)(b, eat); topToBottom(20)(eat, enough, fork, readListen, join, e);

drawObjects(b, eat, enough, fork, readListen, join, e);

clink(transition)(b, eat); clink(transition)(eat, enough); link(transition)(pathStepX(enough.e, eat.e, 80)); clink(transition)(enough, fork); clink(transition)(fork, read); clink(transition)(fork, listen); clink(transition)(read, join); clink(transition)(listen, join); clink(transition)(join, e);

item(iGuard)("still hungry")(obj.sw = enough.e + (20, 0)); item(iGuard)("had enough")(obj.nw = enough.s + (0, -4));

endfig; end

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