[[PageOutline(2-5,Contents,pullout)]] = Draw mind maps using wiki list syntax == Description This macro can be used to include [wikipedia:Mind_map mind maps] into wiki pages and other wiki-enabled Trac elements. The mind maps are displayed using a Flash application. Flash is software for viewing multimedia content and is proprietary licensed by Adobe. The following input methods are supported: 1. the normal macro form expects a [TracLinks TracLink] to a [http://freemind.sourceforge.net/ Freemind] file, for example `attachment:file.mm`. 1. the long form reads and converts a wiki lists into a Freemind mindmap and displays it. See also: FreemindMacro == Usage === 1. Macro Form {{{ [[MindMap(attachment:file.mm,width=60%,height=400px)]] [[MindMap(source:/dir/file.mm,width=60%,height=400px)]] [[MindMap(,width=60%,height=400px)]] [[MindMap(,width=60%,height=400px)]] }}} === 2. Long Form {{{ {{{#!MindMap width="60%" height="400px" flashvars="startCollapsedToLevel=4|someothervar=2" TestMindMap *(position=right,color=#00FF00) A * a * b * e * *(position=right,color=#00FF00) B * a * b * i * v * c *(position=left,color=#00FF00) C * a * b * c }}} }}} This will produce an image similar to the following: [[Image(example_mindmap.2.png, border=2)]] === Options The following options are supported: ||'''Options''' ||'''Description''' ||'''Default value''' || || `width`|| Width of !FreeMind window. [%] || 100% || || `height`|| Height of !FreeMind window. [px] || 600px || || `border`|| Draws (1) a border arround !FreeMind window as defined at CSS's `border:` section. Do not draw (0). [0,1] || 0 || || `flashvars`|| List of flashvars for the flash application separated by "|" || || ||Possible values are: || || || '''startCollapsedToLevel''': level of collapsed mindmap branched || 5 || || || '''openUrl''': not implemented yet || blank || || || '''someothervar''': some other variable !FreeMind allows || N.A. || == Bugs/Feature Requests Existing bugs and feature requests for MindMapMacro are [report:9?COMPONENT=MindMapMacro here]. If you have any issues, create a [/newticket?component=MindMapMacro new ticket]. [[TicketQuery(component=MindMapMacro&group=type,format=progress)]] == Download You can download the zipped source from [export:mindmapmacro here]. The plugin is also available on [pypi:TracMindMapMacro PyPI]. == Source You can check out MindMapMacro from [/svn/mindmapmacro here] using Subversion, or [source:mindmapmacro browse the source] with Trac. == Installation General instructions on installing Trac plugins can be found on the [TracPlugins#InstallingaTracplugin TracPlugins] page. === Requirements * ExtractUrlPlugin (should be installed automatically). * [http://get.adobe.com/flashplayer/ Flash Plugin] v6 or higher. * Javascript or [http://www.w3.org/ w3.org] compatible browser, ie Internet Explorer with Javascript disabled won't work. == Recent Changes [[ChangeLog(mindmapmacro, 3)]] == Author/Contributors '''Author:''' [wiki:martin_s] [[BR]] '''Maintainer:''' [[Maintainer]] [[BR]] '''Contributors:'''