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     3= New Ticket Like This =
     5== Description ==
     7The NewTicketLikeThisPlugin adds a "Clone" button to existing tickets,
     8which lets you create a new ticket whose fields derive from the original
     9ticket if you have the appropriate permission.
     11It is based on the tracopt.ticket.clone.ticketclonebutton extension that
     12ships with Trac core.  Unlike that extension, the NewTicketLikeThisPlugin
     13defines and consumes a pluggable interface for implementing custom policies
     14to determine the way in which a new ticket is derived from the original.
     15This allows flexible, customized business logic to be provided based on
     16the needs and workflows of your team.  Also, the NewTicketLikeThisPlugin
     17allows you to configure the permission required to clone a ticket, whereas
     18the core ``ticketclonebutton`` hard-codes the TICKET_ADMIN permission.
     20Two policies are provided by default, in the ``newticketlikethis.policies``
     23* ``SimpleTicketCloner`` mimics the behavior of the
     24  ``core tracopt.ticket.clone.ticketclonebutton`` extension: all fields
     25  from the original ticket are cloned, and the "summary" and "description"
     26  fields are modified to denote the ticket that they were cloned from.
     28* ``ExcludedFieldsTicketCloner`` clones all fields from the original ticket
     29  with no modifications.  It can also ignore certain fields entirely,
     30  based on a configuration setting, which will force the new ticket to be
     31  generated with the system's default values (or no values) for the fields
     32  that were excluded.
     34More complex policies might implement custom logic for deriving new ticket
     35values based on the values of the existing ticket's fields, or use
     36alternate cloning policies based on the ticket's type.
     39== Bugs/Feature Requests ==
     41Existing bugs and feature requests for NewTicketLikeThisPlugin are
     42[report:9?COMPONENT=NewTicketLikeThisPlugin here].
     44If you have any issues, create a
     45[ new ticket].
     47== Download ==
     49Download the zipped source from [download:newticketlikethisplugin here].
     51== Source ==
     53You can check out NewTicketLikeThisPlugin from [ here] using Subversion, or [source:newticketlikethisplugin browse the source] with Trac.
     55== Example ==
     57To use the plugin, install it in your Trac environment and enable its
     58components in ``trac.ini``::
     60  [components]
     61  newticketlikethis.* = enabled
     63By default this will add the "Clone" button to the ticket view, and
     64will use the ``SimpleTicketCloner`` component to clone your tickets.
     65The ``TICKET_ADMIN`` permission will be required for cloning tickets.
     68== Recent Changes ==
     70[[ChangeLog(newticketlikethisplugin, 3)]]
     72== Author/Contributors ==
     74'''Author:''' [wiki:ejucovy] [[BR]]
     75'''Maintainer:''' [wiki:ejucovy] [[BR]]