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Note boxes with icons


NoteBox Plugin will render an HTML-DivContainer in different colors with different Icons.
The following containers are possible:

  • [[NoteBox(warn, my Text)]]
    • will render a red div-container with the given Text and a stopsign-image
  • [[NoteBox(tip, my Text)]]
    • will render a green div-container with the given Text and a lightbulb-image
  • [[NoteBox(note, my Text)]]
    • will render a blue div-container with the given Text and a notepaper-image

It will look like this:

No image "notebox_preview_v0.1.png" attached to NoteBoxPlugin

The parse_args function from the Trac API is used to parse the input, therefore commas must be escaped with a backslash. That is, make the following replacement: , -> \,. Everything in the second argument is interpreted as wiki markup, however a second macro cannot be embedded within the macro.

Bugs/Feature Requests

Existing bugs and feature requests for NoteBoxPlugin are here.

If you have any issues, create a new ticket.

Download / Source

Download the zipped source from [download:noteboxplugin here].

You can check out NoteBoxPlugin from here using Subversion, or browse the source with Trac (the anchor will only be present in Trac 0.12 or later, so you'll have to scroll to the appropriate location the page in earlier version of Trac.


For detailed installation steps, please refer to t:TracPlugins. The following steps should work for most Trac configurations.

  1. Unzip the code and type
    $>python install
  2. or use easy_install as below then, restart web server, finally enable it at admin/general/plugins

If the plugin is installed and functioning correctly, you should see example of its use at WikiMacros#NoteBox-macro.


Use either

  • [[NoteBox(warn, my Text)]]
  • [[NoteBox(tip, my Text)]]
  • [[NoteBox(note, my Text)]]

where my Text can be replaced with your text.

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