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Add note about patch in #2314.

Show Ohloh project thin badge

The patch in #2314 needs to be applied for this macro to work.
See #2314. == Description == Macro to embed the [ Ohloh] [ thin badge widget] in a wiki page. To use it: {{{ [[OhlohBadge(9)]] }}} where '''9''' is the project id. == Bugs/Feature Requests == Existing bugs and feature requests for OhlohBadgeMacro are [report:9?COMPONENT=OhlohBadgeMacro here]. If you have any issues, create a [;=coderanger new ticket]. == Download == Download the zipped source from [download:ohlohbadgemacro here]. == Source == You can check out OhlohBadgeMacro from [ here] using Subversion, or [source:ohlohbadgemacro browse the source] with Trac. == Example == To enable: {{{ #!ini [components] ohlohbadge.* = enabled }}} == Recent Changes == [[ChangeLog(ohlohbadgemacro, 3)]] == Author/Contributors == '''Author:''' [wiki:coderanger] [[BR]] '''Maintainer:''' [wiki:coderanger] [[BR]] '''Contributors:'''

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