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Ohloh Widgets Macro


Ohloh has some nice widgets which you can put on your site to show some statistics about your project. This software is about a trac macro to make embedding these widgets in your trac wiki easy and does not force you to lower trac's security settings.

Also this macro has a special API so you can modify any Ohloh widget so it blends in better with your layout.


Display a single widget by specifying your project id and the widget name (the Javascript file name without the '.js' suffix):

[[OhlohWidget(483602, project_basic_stats)]]

Also you can display a group of widgets together:

[[OhlohWidgetGroup(483602, project_basic_stats, project_factoids, project_users?style=green)]]

This has the advantage that all widgets are grouped in a div so you can style it easily.

Actual development and bug tracking happens on macro development site. You can also find more information about the API to customize Ohloh plugins on that page.


The source code is in a hg repository under the very liberal MIT license.

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