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RSS Dashboard Widget for Mac OS X


This is a simple widget for the Dashboard in OS X Tiger which allows you to view your ticket reports. It lists all tickets from an RSS feed in Trac by ticket number and title. When you click on a title it brings you to the respective ticket page on your Trac site. Also included is a quick link to add new tickets. The feed is only updated every 15 minutes to save server load, you can force a reload by pressing a button.

Download & Installation

  1. Download and unzip the attached file. Run RSS.wdgt, it should automatically open in Dashboard and ask you whether you want to keep it. By default the widget lists the tickets from the Trac software website. We're going to change this to list your tickets.
  1. Find the Ticket list that you want to subscribe to.
  1. Right click on the RSS Feed link down the bottom and select copy link location.
  1. Open up dashboard, on your RSS widget click the little i symbol in the bottom right hand corner and paste the link into the Feed URL field. You can also change the Title and add the URL for the New Ticket page. Then click done.

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