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A plugin for exporting wiki pages as OpenDocument (.odt) files.


This plugin adds an OpenDocument link at the bottom of Wiki pages, under the Download in other formats: heading.



The plugin uses the cElementTree Python module (and not the standard elementtree). If you're using python 2.4, make sure it is installed. On Debian/Ubuntu systems you can use apt-get install python-celementtree.

Enable the plugin

pagetoodt.* = enabled

Configure it

The configuration of the plugin and the template odt file are read from a wiki page, PageToOdtStyles. This page must exist for the plugin to work. Its content is a key/value pair list defining what attached file to use as a template and what predefined styles to use. Below is an example for the French version of OpenOffice:

style_standard = Corps de texte
style_heading_1 = Titre 1
style_heading_2 = Titre 2
style_heading_3 = Titre 3
style_heading_4 = Titre 4
style_heading_5 = Titre 5
style_heading_6 = Titre 6
style_heading_7 = Titre 7

style_unordered_list = Puce 1

style_ordered_list = Numérotation 1

style_inline = Texte source
style_bold = Accentuation forte
style_italic = Accentuation
style_bolditalic = Accentuation forte

template = empty.odt

If using the English version, here is a template, contributed by JasonWinnebeck:

style_standard = Text body
style_heading_1 = Heading 1
style_heading_2 = Heading 2
style_heading_3 = Heading 3
style_heading_4 = Heading 4
style_heading_5 = Heading 5
style_heading_6 = Heading 6
style_heading_7 = Heading 7

style_unordered_list = List 1

style_ordered_list = Numbering 1

style_inline = Source Text
style_bold = Strong Emphasis
style_italic = Emphasis
style_bolditalic = Strong Emphasis

template = empty.odt

You also need to attach a file empty.odt to that page. You can create this file by creating a new OOo Writer document and saving the blank document as empty.odt, and then attaching it to the page. Because the default OOo template does not have a built-in style for bold+italic, the examples above map bold+italic to just bold. You could create such a style (or any other styles) before saving the empty.odt.


  • no support for exporting images
  • Per #2065, internal Trac links are not working

Bugs/Feature Requests

Existing bugs and feature requests for PageToOdtPlugin are here.

If you have any issues, create a new ticket.


Download the zipped source from [download:pagetoodtplugin here].


You can check out PageToOdtPlugin from here using Subversion, or browse the source with Trac.

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