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    2323The first table is the list of code reviews where you are the author. Clicking on any element in a particular row will take you to the View Code Review page for that row. Also, this table displays the code review ID, code review name, current status of the review, and the date that the review was opened.
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    2727The second table is the list of code reviews where you are the reviewer. Clicking on any element in a particular row will redirect to the View Code Review page for that row. Also, this table displays the code review ID, code review author, review name, your voting status for the review, and the date that the review was opened.
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    3131Managers will see an additional table at the top of the page above the two tables that are typically there for a developer. These are the code reviews that need to be reviewed by a manager. After approval by a manager, the manager should add the changes in the code review to the development trunk.
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    3535Finally, just below the navigation bar in the upper right corner are some navigation links for moving through the plugin. The links will take you to the Main Page, New Code Review Page, and Search Code Review Page, respectively.
    5454Navigation through this repository is identical to navigation through the TRAC repository.  Clicking on folders navigates through the folder.  Clicking on files will open that file if an HTML preview is available.  To navigate back up, click on the corresponding folder above the repository (for example, where it says "root").
    56 [[Image(newCodeReview_step2_1.PNG, 75%)]]
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    5858Once a file has been opened, the repository browser will look similar to this:
    60 [[Image(newCodeReview_step2_2.PNG, 75%)]]
     60[[Image(newCodeReview_step2_2.PNG, 50%)]]
    6262In order to select a file to be added into the peer review, click the corresponding lines of code on the left that you would like to add.  For example, here the user clicked on 82 and clicked on 87 to select lines 82-87. Alternately, the user could type those numbers into the corresponding text boxes below the repository browser.
    6969Only users with permission ''CODE_REVIEW_DEV'' will be shown in the dropdown list.
    71 [[Image(newCodeReview_step3.PNG)]]
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    7373==== Provide notes and instructions
    7575General comments can be added to the code review. These comments can be seen by anyone viewing the code review.
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    7979After adding general comments, the user is ready to add the code review. Click "Add Code Review" at the bottom of the page to do this.  The user will be taken to the View Code Review page for this code review.
    8181=== Peer Review Search
     82This page helps search for code reviews, given relevant information to find the correct code reviews.  First, search constraints are selected, and then a search is performed by clicking on the search button.  When search constraints are selected and a search is performed, code reviews that still satisfy the constraints are listed.  If no constraints are given, all reviews, both active and inactive (closed), are listed.  Combinations of fields narrow the search results.  For example, searching for reviews after one month ago and by a certain author will likely return less results than searching by one of the constraints alone.  It is possible to constrain the search such that no results are returned.  Such a condition is indicated after searching.
    83 To be written.
     84[[Image(peerReviewSearch_1.PNG, 50%)]]
     86To find a particular code review name or code review names that contain certain characters, enter it in the "Code Review Name" field.  Further, to find reviews after a certain date, enter the date in the second set of input boxes.  Likewise, to constrain the returned results of the search to a certain status, change the "Status" field.  Finally, to find all code reviews matching a certain author, fill in the final field.  After specifying the constraints for the search, click on the "Search" button.
     88[[Image(peerReviewSearch_2.PNG, 50%)]]
     90As seen above, the results include information on the review ID, author name, current status, and review name.  For each review listed, links are given to jump directly to the view code review page for the review.  Alternately, the constraints can be increased or relaxed by choosing different values for the fields and searching again.
    8591=== Perform Code Review