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    172170=== Manager Options
    174 To be written.
     171This page allows a manager to set manager options.
     173[[Image(options_1.PNG, 500px)]]
     175The voting threshold is currently the only manager option that can be set. The voting threshold can be changed by altering the value in the field to an integer value between 0 and 100 and clicking on the "Set Threshold" button.
    176177== Glossary
    178 To be written.
     179Some terms that are exclusive to the peer review plug-in (as opposed to being in TRAC or Subversion) are defined here.
     181 Author:: The user that created a code review.  Has special privileges, which are overridden if the user is also a manager.
     183 Code review:: A collection of reviewers and a collection of files to be reviewed.
     185 Developer:: A normal user.  Can create code reviews and be assigned as a reviewer to them.  Can search for code reviews, see reviews they created, and see reviews they are assigned to.
     187 Manager:: User with highest privileges.  Can do everything that a developer can do.  Can also change the status of a review at any time.  When reviews have "Ready for inclusion" status, these appear on the manager's main page in a table.  Can also view the Manager Options page.
     189 Resubmit:: Resubmitting for review takes an existing code review and creates a new code review based on it.  The fields of the new review are filled in as they were when the original code review was created, and then the author can edit the review details.  After creating this new review, the old one is closed.
     191 Reviewer:: A developer or manager that is assigned to review a code review, make comments, and vote on the review.
     193 Status:: The current state of the code review.  The status dictates whether or not certain actions are possible.  A manager can change the state at any time, and the author can close the review when it is open or reviewed.  States include:
     195   *  ''Open for review'' - Initial state of the review, where reviewers can vote on the review and add comments.
     196   * ''Reviewed'' - Enough people have voted yes to push the review over the threshold limit.  At this point the review can be submitted for inclusion by the author.
     197   * ''Ready for inclusion'' - The author feels, and his/her reviewers agree, that the review is ready for inclusion into the main trunk.  At this point it is the manager's responsibility to verify the review, merge the changes with the main trunk, and close the review when finished.  No voting is possible during this stage.
     198   * ''Closed'' - The review can be viewed, but no more voting is possible.  The review is not visible from anyone's main page, but can be accessed by directly typing the review id into the URL of the peerReviewView page or successfully searching for the file.
     200 Threshold:: This setting defines the number of positive votes versus total votes necessary for an author to submit a code review for a manager's approval.
     202 Vote:: "Approve" or "Not Approve", which signal that the reviewer either accepts the changes made by the review author, or feels that they should not be inserted into the main trunk unless some important changes are made.
    180204== License/Disclaimer