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    1 See documentation attached to the source code
     1== Distributed Peer Review - User Guide ==
     3Distributed Peer Review system is a plug-in for TRAC that facilitates distributed peer review of code. Normally peer review happens in a central location with paper copies of code, or works in an unorganized fashion involving email or other electronic means to communicate. However, these systems are inefficient for multiple code reviews, and can become unmanageable very quickly. Hence, this system assists developers in managing and performing code reviews in a distributed way.
     5=== Description ===
     7Distributed peer review facilitates code review without the need for all team members to meet together, saving valuable time. In addition, changes proposed under a distributed system are easier to implement. Our project seeks to create a distributed peer review system by creating a plug-in for TRAC, which is a browser-based content management system that includes bug-tracking. The plug-in integrates with Subversion, a popular open-source version control system.   
     8TRAC supports plug-in development with Python on the backend, and ClearSilver, a fast and powerful HTML template system, on the front-end. Javascript and AJAX were used to provide pages with dynamic features. An SQLite database is utilized to store all information about reviews and users.
     11Since version 2.1 plugin is going to use new template engine - Genshi, and support SQLite, PostgreSQL and MySQL database backends.
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