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Now works under 0.9

Add polls to wiki pages


The PollMacro lets poll questions be added to Trac pages.

The usage is very basic, arguments are separated by semi-colons, with the first argument being the question and the remainding arguments the choices:

[[Poll(What do you think of the Poll macro?; Cool; Crap)]]

The macro stores the results of the poll, in a pickled form, in /var/state/trac/polls (this is set in the polldir variable at the top of the macro source). The 32-bit CRC of the poll name is used as the filename, and is stored under a directory with a name that is the 32-bit CRC of the project name.

Each voters name is displayed to the right of their choice.

Bugs/Feature Requests

Existing bugs and feature requests for PollMacro are here.

If you have any issues, create a new ticket.




You can check out the source for PollMacro from Subversion at


What do you think of the Poll macro?
  • Cool (athomas, sineer, kparlar, Blackhex, gerryg, mocksoul, alf_igel, matias, aamk, mape, phpxcache, ChrisGreacen, jatyap, earobinson, dietmarw, alerocha, FilipeCorreia, sgissinger, rjollos, koolhand, ziegenberg, dreamkxd, farialima, lucasrangit, Akinfold, hieroglyph, victorrbravo, rpshaw, syphico)
  • Crap (mou, sir_ken)

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Author: athomas