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Dec 25, 2007, 6:05:36 PM (15 years ago)
Andrej Tokarčík

New hack ProgressMeterMacro, created by qwp0


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     1= ProgressMeter macro =
     3== Description ==
     5This macro plugin was created due to the task created for GHOP/Python Software Foundation (
     7This plugin enables the macro users to display progress meter similar to the meters visible in the Roadmap. The ProgressMeter macro works with the same arguments as TicketQuery macro (available in the standard Trac distribution). It can be used for example for building complete report of the progress on tickets owned by a particular person. Actually the macro just counts the tickets matching given criteria and shows the meter (closed-to-active-tickets ratio).
     9Longer description can be found at the mentioned web page of GHOP task.
     11== Bugs/Feature Requests ==
     13Existing bugs and feature requests for ProgressMeterMacro are
     14[report:9?COMPONENT=ProgressMeterMacro here].
     16If you have any issues, create a
     17[ new ticket].
     19== Download ==
     21Download the zipped source from [download:progressmetermacro here].
     23== Source ==
     25You can check out ProgressMeterMacro from [ here] using Subversion, or [source:progressmetermacro browse the source] with Trac.
     27== Example ==
     29Displays meter of progress on tickets owned by 'qwp0' within milestone '0.1a':
     31[[ProgressMeter(owner=qwp0, milestone=0.1a)]]
     34Display meter of progress on tickets associated with component 'wiki':
     40== Recent Changes ==
     42[[ChangeLog(progressmetermacro, 3)]]
     44== Author/Contributors ==
     46'''Author:''' [wiki:qwp0] [[BR]]