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    589589It would be nice to be able to create task dependencies graphically using the Gantt chart as a GUI or to change a milestone date by dragging it along the chart.
     591== Reader Feed Back ==
     592  ''Use this section to provide additional comments and or suggestions''
     593=== Suggestion(s) by Jay Walsh ===
     595While I like the idea of where you are going with this.  The concepts and "design" section have taken a turn towards specific implementations.  I would suggest a combination of making these ideas configurable, as well as extending various classes and providers to be extensible/replaceable.
     596  - For example, one may not want a "work" field, since man hours effort, in their project may have little value.  Instead, they may wish to use "days" for calendar time, or "dollars" for contractor costs.
     597    - instead of "risk", I might want business value.
     598    - for any of this meta data, it would seem logical to support "Calculated fields" for the children, such as in the ValuePropagationPlugin
     599  - Another area is the "providers"  The ability to assign a provider to return the value in a custom or default field.
     600    - for example: '''% Complete''', a straight calculation of hours done/hours total may work in most casts, my specific case....we need to provide it manually on some wiki page, which a provider looks up....., or something)
     601    - or a more pointed example, "calculated completion date", lets assume i want to use an [ Evidence Based Scheduling] approach.  in which case, I may also want to replace the Gantt views with the Probable ship dates graph?  or maybe not.... The ability to do so would be key however.
     603It almost seems like any custom or default field added to this concept should be able to specify it's very own provider, optionally.
     604=== More Feed Back Here ===