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Aug 2, 2011, 7:16:12 PM (7 years ago)
Chris Nelson

Responded to Jay's feedback.


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    558558While I like the idea of where you are going with this.  The concepts and "design" section have taken a turn towards specific implementations.  I would suggest a combination of making these ideas configurable, as well as extending various classes and providers to be extensible/replaceable.
     560''First, thanks for the feedback.  I'm not sure what section you mean when you say "concepts" and the [#Design design] section is intended to describe extension points that provide a common interface to other PM-related components. -- CLN, 2011-08-02''
    559562  - For example, one may not want a "work" field, since man hours effort, in their project may have little value.  Instead, they may wish to use "days" for calendar time, or "dollars" for contractor costs.
     564''While I think Trac is heavily weighted to tracking work, being a little more abstract with what the estimate and progress are isn't a bad thing. -- CLN, 2011-08-02''
    560566    - instead of "risk", one might want business value.
     568''I envision the priority rule for scheduling being the most commonly replaced component.  If risk doesn't mean anything to you, ignore it (or if risk is 0 throughout your project, it won't affect the priorities). -- CLN, 2011-08-02''
    561570    - for any of this meta data, it would seem logical to support "Calculated fields" for the children, such as in the ValuePropagationPlugin
    562571  - Another area is the "providers"  The ability to assign a provider to return the value in a custom or default field.
    566575It almost seems like any custom or default field added to this concept should be able to specify it's very own provider, optionally.
     577''Can you say more about how that would work?  Frankly, my knowledge of Trac internals grows slowly and as needed for my little bit of plugin programming. -- CLN, 2011-08-02''
    567579== More Feed Back Here ==