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    88Project management support software should help us answer a few basic questions:
    10  * When will my project be done?
     10 * When will my project be done? (That is, what is the forecasted completion date.)
     11 * Am I on schedule?  (That is, is the percent complete for the overall project where it should be at this time.)
     12 * What tasks are on the critical path?  (That is, what tasks must be finished on time to not affect project completion.)
    1113 * How are my resources being utilized?
    1214 * How will a change (e.g., in scope or constraints) affect project completion or resource utilization?
    5456== Resource Properties ==
    56 What are they?
     58In general a project resource may be many things such as a person working on a task (a carpenter or a software developer) or a source of supplies needed for a task (cement or paint or computer systems).
     60A resource may have a name and typically has some availability.  An employee may have responsibilities in two departments and only be available for certain work 50% of the time or a vendor may only be able to supply a certain amount of cement or paint or CPU cycles.
     62We don't seek to make Trac a completely general project management solution and will -- at least for now -- limit resources to people and assume they are available full time.
    5864== Milestone Properties ==
    120126= Related Work =
     128== Trac Plugins ==
    122130Trac has three Gantt chart plugins:
    134142TimingAndEstimationPlugin and TracHoursPlugin add estimated and actual hours fields to tickets.  There is some disagreement about whether the estimate is the remaining time (so total estimated time is actual + estimate) or total time (so remaining time is estimate - actual).  A Gantt chart typically wants estimate and percent complete.  It is possible to extract this from either recording convention and we should likely allow either convention via a configurable interface.
     144== Other work ==
    136146There is a [ Google Gadget Gantt chart] which might be leveraged for the visualizations once the data is made available (e.g., using [ TracGViz plugin]). That widget is developed and maintained by a company (i.e., [ ViewPath]). Besides users need access to the internet and their projects environments '''have to''' be available too so that the iGoogle container be able to retrieve the data to display in the chart. All this means that local deployments (intranets, ...) are not possible.
     148[ Planner] is an open source project management program.
     150GNOME Office once includes [ MrProject] (which may be another version of Planner).  The news of MrProject's death may be exaggerated; [ GNOME Live!] lists a 0.14.4 release in April 2009.
    138152= Design =