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    240240There seems to be a consensus that grandiose project management features for Trac should be implemented with a combination of plugins which provide useful functionality on their own.  The following plan assumes that approach.
     242== Basic Gantt ==
     244There is some benefit to very basic Gantt that showed just tasks and their dependencies and the resultant schedule.
     248Disregarding any resource constraints, this chart shows that circuit board design and firmware development follow schematic design, package design can proceed independently, assembly can't be done until the circuit boards and packaging are ready, and the product can't ship until it's assembled and has firmware.  (Clearly this is a gross simplification and likely not accurate in many ways.)
     250This requires only that the ticket have some information about estimated effort or duration of the task and simple FS task dependency.
     252== Plan of attach ==
    242255 1. Fork !MasterTickets as !TicketDep (or something) and add ''composed of''/''part of'' dependencies and [ means to create them].  Plan for but do not yet implement ''starts with'' and ''ends with'' dependencies.
    243256 1. Specify the interfaces necessary for a scheduling plugin to use dependencies, estimates, and time worked to determine project schedule.