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Cosmetic changes

Toggle sending Announcer emails upon ticket changes

Notice: This plugin is unmaintained and available for adoption.


This plugin provides a link (in the contextual navigation menu) to toggle on and off sending emails for your ticket changes. The purpose is to reduce superfluous emails for ticket changes that the author deems low-value.

This plugin is dependent upon the Announcer plugin (which must already be installed) and Javascript. The toggling is handled via AJAX, so you can remain on the same page and not disrupt any current work. The toggle link will appear on /newticket, /ticket, /query, and /report pages since ticket changes are possible on all of these, eg via BatchModify or GridModify.

Bugs/Feature Requests

Existing bugs and feature requests for QuietPlugin are here.

If you have any issues, create a new ticket.


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Download the zipped source from here.


You can check out QuietPlugin from here using Subversion, or browse the source with Trac.


  1. Install the plugin after downloading and unzipping:
    cd quietplugin/0.12
    sudo python install
    See TracPlugins for more installation details and options.
  1. Restart Trac's web server.
  1. Enable the plugin and disable announcer.distributors.mail.EmailDistributor in your trac.ini file:
    announcer.* = enabled
    announcer.distributors.mail.EmailDistributor = disabled
    quiet.* = enabled

Alternatively, you can use the Trac Web Admin GUI. The trac.ini lines above ensure that the plugin uses its own email distributor. This distributor effectively wraps the announcer's EmailDistributor with an extra check to see if the user entered quiet mode or not.


There are the following optional steps for configuration:

  1. Customize the quiet mode labels in trac.ini:
    enter_label = Enter Quiet Mode
    leave_label = Leave Quiet Mode
  2. Add the QUIET_MODE permission to users or groups as appropriate on the Admin > Permissions page.


The following are typical scenarios of how this plugin could be used:

  • During planning, I can now avoid barraging people with emails when I move large batches of tickets from one milestone to another using BatchModify.
  • I want to make a minor fix to a ticket's description that doesn't call for yet another email to be sent - enter quiet mode!
  • I'm triaging many tickets in a Queue report with new positions using GridModify and I don't want an email sent for each change.
  • I'm managing dependencies using the Analyze plugin and don't want to inundate the team with emails of its fixes.

Trigger quiet mode

To help you remember to enter quiet mode for the above use cases or similar ones, you can create trigger rules on DOM elements that will prompt you to enter or leave quiet mode (if you're not already in that state):

1.selector = #analyzebutton
1.action = enter

2.selector = #batchmod_submit
2.action = enter
2.submit = true

3.selector = #propertyform[action*=ticket] .buttons input[name=submit]
3.action = leave
3.only_if = #comment:first=.+
3.submit = true

The above example defines three trigger rules:

  1. When the "Analyze.." button is clicked, prompt to enter quiet mode.
  2. When the "Batch Modify" button is clicked, prompt to enter quiet mode (and prevent the submission - but then they can submit again).
  3. When a ticket's "Submit changes" button is clicked and there's some text in the comment field, then prompt to enter quiet mode (and prevent the submission - but then they can submit again).

The only_if option can either be just a CSS selector or also include an expected regex value (eg the =.+ above).

  • If it is a CSS selector, then the selector must exist.
  • If it is an expected regex value, then the selected item's jQuery val() must match the expected value.

Recent Changes

17573 by rjollos on 2019-11-21 17:32:18
1.2.2dev: Bump version after release

pypi:TracQuiet/1.2.1 published.

Fixes #13660.

17572 by rjollos on 2019-11-21 17:30:03
1.2.1dev: Add classifiers metadata

Refs #13660.

16352 by rjollos on 2017-03-18 16:37:31
1.2.1dev: Check QUIET_MODE when distributing email

Also, use authenticated flag when checking quiet mode because is never a session id, so quiet mode will only
work for authenticated users.

Patch by Jun Omae.

Refs #13117.



Author: robguttman
Maintainer: none (needsadoption)
Contributors: rjollos

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