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    55The RestrictedAreaPlugin is a pretty simple Trac plugin that allows the Trac administrator to set up restricted areas which are accessible only for privileged users in Trac 0.10.x installations. The access is controlled via the new Trac action {{{RESTRICTED_AREA_ACCESS}}} and a list of paths configured in the Trac {{{INI}}}-file.
     7'''IMPORTANT WARNING''': ''Don't use the plugin for trying to hide sensible data''! The plugin is only a ''very simple protection'' against viewing Trac pages with restricted access! As pointed out by #2116 and #2364 not all parts of a restricted area can be restricted from visibility. With enough efforts it is thus possible to view all parts of a restricted page without the need of direct access to it. Unfortunately it isn't easily possible to further restrict access with Trac 0.10.x.
    79The plugin is tested only in our Trac environment which is a version 0.10.3 installation and in a 0.10.4 installation; it's known to not work with version 0.10.2 (cf. bug #1184) and will probably not work with earlier versions either. If you are running the plugin successfully in any other installation than the ones mentioned, then please edit this page accordingly -- alternatively [ file an informational ticket] and I'll add the information myself ;-) Thanks!