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RevtreePlugin enhancer for use with svnmerge


MergeEnhancer is a plugin for the RevtreePlugin: it analyses the properties that are added by the svnmerge tool and renders merge operations between the repository branches.


The plugin has been developed following a request of several RevtreePlugin users. I don't use the svnmerge tool myself, so the plugin is far from being complete and should be considered in alpha stage. It has been tested with a copy of the original SVN repository.

How it works

(to be documented)


Build the plugin

As with any other plugin, download the plugin code, and build a plugin egg file. The MergeEnhancer plugin source code comes with the RevtreePlugin (see RevtreePlugin#Installation), but is not built within the RevtreePlugin egg.

To build the MergeEnhancer plugin, change the current directory to the enhancers and build the egg file:

$ cd revtreeplugin/0.11/enhancers/mergeenhancer 
$ python bdist_egg

then copy the egg file to the global plugin directory or the project plugin directory

Enable the plugin

From the WebAdmin plugin interface or from your trac.ini file, enable the MergeEnhancer plugin.
The MergeEnhancer plugin appears as revtree.mergeenhancer in the plugin list.

As you have probably enabled all the revtree features with

revtree.* = enabled

when you installed the RevtreePlugin, the MergeEnhancer plugin will be loaded along with the RevtreePlugin.

The MergeEnhancer plugin can be safely used in conjunction with the default SimpleEnhancer plugin that is self-contained in the RevtreePlugin. The default plugin is useful to depict the initial changeset of a new branch.

You can perform the same operations from the WebAdmin interface.


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