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    55== News ==
     6 * Version 1.9 of the Scrum Burndown plugin is released. Look here for more information: []
    67 * Hi all, I have taken over development for this plugin. You can find more information about the story behind this move on my weblog: [ The Trac Burndown plugin for Scrum]. I look forward to improve the plugin! Daan
    78 * Daan from has graciously volunteered to take over this plugin.  He has already come up with a few new features and upgrades, so I'm confident that he'll do a much better job of keeping things up-to-date here than I did.  Thanks, Daan!
    89 * Thanks to everyone for the support and submitted patches to keep this plugin working with newer versions of Trac.  I'm sorry that I haven't had any time to maintain this as of late, and my current employers are using Redmine instead of Trac.
    9  * '''Will crash Trac 0.11.''' If you have installed it and upgraded your trac.11 into oblivion, apply the following patch and replace the egg:
    10 {{{
    11 Index: burndown/
    12 ===================================================================
    13 --- burndown/        (revision 4148)
    14 +++ burndown/        (working copy)
    15 @@ -139,7 +139,7 @@
    17      def get_navigation_items(self, req):
    18          if req.perm.has_permission("BURNDOWN_VIEW"):
    19 -            yield 'mainnav', 'burndown', Markup('<a href="%s">Burndown</a>', self.env.href.burndown())
    20 +            yield 'mainnav', 'burndown', Markup('<a href="%s">Burndown</a>') % req.href.burndown()
    22      #---------------------------------------------------------------------------
    23      # IPermissionRequestor methods
    24 }}}
    26  * '''KNOWN BUG''' There is a [wiki:ScrumBurndownPlugin#BugsFeatureRequests known bug] in head.
    27  * '''Say goodbye to the cron job! '''  I finally found some time to implement Trac's iTicketChangeListener plugin interface so that now the burndown chart gets updated every time you change a ticket (version 01.08.10).  This simplifies the install process quite a bit.
    2810 * ''Note that you may have to click the 'Start Milestone' button for any sprints that you're in the middle of after you upgrade to the latest version.''
    3012== Description ==
     13A plugin to enable burndown chart capabilities, a common part of Scrum and other agile development methodologies.
     14Look here for all information about the plugin: [ Scrum Burndown plugin]
    32 A plugin to enable burndown chart capabilities, a common part of Scrum and other agile development methodologies.
     16This plugin is integrated with the TimingAndEstimationPlugin.
    34 This plugin is now integrated with the TimingAndEstimationPlugin.
    36 '''Current Version:''' 01.08.10 -- attachment:TracBurndown-01.08.10-py2.3.egg [[BR]]
    37 ''Note that version 01.04.10 and later should work with python 2.4.  The egg file just says py2.3 because that's what I had installed on the computer that built it.''
    38 ''You will have to rename it to correct python version '''before''' installing to make it work.''
    40 Note: The above linked egg would not install for us. To create a new egg:
    41 {{{
    42 svn co
    43 cd scrumburndownplugin
    44 python bdist_egg
    45 }}}
     18'''Current Version:''' 1.9[[BR]]
    4820== Who's Using It ==
    49 I'm interested to know how many people are using this plugin.  If a lot of people are using it or at least evaluating it, I will be able to justify spending more time on it to my boss.  If you download it, please increment this counter: '''274'''
    51 Also, feel free to drop me an e-mail if you've got any questions that aren't answered here and aren't really ticketable.
     21I'm interested to know how many people are using this plugin. If you download it, please increment this counter: '''274'''
    5323== Installation Instructions ==
    55 Installing this plugin is a five-step process.
    56  1. Install the TimingAndEstimationPlugin
    57  1. Install the ScrumBurndownPlugin egg
    58  1. Assign permissions
    59  1. Upgrade Trac project
    60  1. Restart the server
    62 ==== Installing the egg ====
    63 Install just like you would any other Trac plugin.  Drop the egg into your plugins or site-packages folder and then try to access Trac in your browser. Add plugin to [components] section in trac.ini (at least the following plugins must be enabled)
    65 {{{
    66 [components]
    67 timingandestimationplugin.* = enabled
    68 burndown.* = enabled
    69 }}}
    72 ==== Assign Permissions ====
    73 Assign permissions to users for 'BURNDOWN_VIEW' and 'BURNDOWN_ADMIN'  The BURNDOWN_ADMIN permission gives users access to the 'Start Milestone' and 'Milestone Complete' buttons.
    76 ==== Upgrade The Project ====
    77 Use 'trac-admin /full/path/to/YourProjectName upgrade' to perform the upgrade.  You will get an error message saying that the database needs to be upgraded and telling you to use the trac-admin command to do it if you don't upgrade.
    80 ==== Restart The Server ====
    81 Finally, you will need to restart your webserver in order to see some of the features that ScrumBurndownPlugin provides, such as the addition of a 'burndown' link on the trac navbar.
     24Installation instructions can be found here: [ Installation instructions]
    8426== Using the plugin ==
    85 [[Image(burndown.jpg)]]
    8727At the beginning of a sprint, after the tickets have been inputted and estimated in Trac an admin user should click the 'Start Milestone' plugin.  This inputs a datetime integer into the milestone table to indicate when the milestone was started.  The daily script will only record hours_remaining entries for milestones that have started, but have not been completed.  It should be fairly obvious, then, that an admin user should click the 'Milestone Complete' button at the end of the milestone to prevent the burndown_job from continuing to collect data.
    9131In order for this to work, it is imperative that developers keep the 'Estimated Hours' and 'Total Hours' fields accurate and up-to-date on the tickets they are working.  The 'Total Hours' field itself should never be manually edited, but rather, it can be changed by inputting positive and negative values into the 'Hours to Add' field.
    9433== Bugs/Feature Requests ==
    96 Workaround!
    97 [source:scrumburndownplugin/burndown/ Error with Markup()].
    98  * in file:
    99 {{{
    100 yield 'mainnav', 'burndown', Markup('<a href="%s">Burndown</a>', self.env.href.burndown())
    101 }}}
    102  * change to:
    103 {{{
    104 yield 'mainnav', 'burndown', Markup('<a href="%s">Burndown</a>') %self.env.href.burndown()
    105 }}}
    10734Existing bugs and feature requests for ScrumBurndownPlugin are
    10835[query:?status=new&status=assigned&status=reopened&group=&component=ScrumBurndownPlugin&order=priority  here].
    11037If you have any issues, create a
    111 [/newticket?component=ScrumBurndownPlugin&owner=sambloomquist new ticket].
     38[/newticket?component=ScrumBurndownPlugin&owner=daan new ticket].
    11340== Download ==
     41[ Download the Scrum Burndown plugin].
    115 Download the distributable Python egg [attachment:TracBurndown-01.08.10-py2.3.egg here].
    117 You can check out the source [/svn/scrumburndownplugin using Subversion], [source:scrumburndownplugin browse the source] with Trac, or download a zip file of the complete source [ here].  Current version is 01.06.10.
     43You can check out the source [/svn/scrumburndownplugin using Subversion] or [source:scrumburndownplugin browse the source] with Trac.
    12045== Related Plugins ==
    12449 * AgiloForScrumPlugin is a similar plugin.
    12751== Recent Changes ==
    13155== Author/Contributors ==
    133 '''Author:''' [wiki:sambloomquist] [[BR]]
    134 '''Contributors:'''
     57'''Current maintainer:''' [wiki:daan] [[BR]]
     59'''Previous maintainer:''' [wiki:sambloomquist] [[BR]]
    13661== Questions ==
    137  1. The link to add 'integer' doesn't appear to add integer custom type, am I missing something??  (2006/08/24) 
    138     [[BR]]''Answer: Removed the 'integer' type requirement because the patch for it is gone.  Using text seems to work fine and is simpler.  I may add some of the validation brought by the integer type back into the plugin at a future date.''
    140  2. Is there an easy way to move the start date of a sprint into the past? (For example when some tickets of a milestone already have been closed when starting a sprint, immediately after installing this plugin.)
     62 1. Is there an easy way to move the start date of a sprint into the past? (For example when some tickets of a milestone already have been closed when starting a sprint, immediately after installing this plugin.)