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    55A Trac 0.11 version of the TracShowPathPatch as a single-file plugin, since in Trac 0.11 this can be done without source code modification, thanks to the ITemplateStreamFilter interface in Trac. This is a modification of Morris's work at t:wiki:MacroBazaar#ShowPath. His code works, but only if the trac instance is at the root of the web server (like My modifications use the Trac environment href API to form the proper URLs.
     7=== Requirements ===
     9Trac 0.11 and Genshi 0.5. Current version released is 0.4, so Genshi trunk will be needed. I tested with r851 of Genshi trunk. Genshi 0.5 is needed for the Transformer API to replace the "Start Page" link on the context navigation bar.
     11=== Documentation ===
     13From the source:
     160.11dev rewrite of original ShowPath functionality.  Replaces
     17the global "Start Page" link with a path of links for
     18hierarchical pages.
     20..would create a ShowPath of
     21Start Page / ParentPage / ChildPage / GrandchildPage
     22..where all are links except for the current, GrandchildPage.
     24 *
     26Just drop in your trac/<projectname>/plugins dir. If you are using
     27an inherited plugins_dir in Trac, that will also work to place this
     28file there.
     30Supports one optional trac.ini setting, sep_character, which
     31specifies the character to use in the path display:
     32    [showpath]
     33    sep_character = »
     34The default is a forward slash (/); note that no matter what character
     35is specified, it will always be rendered with a single space on
     36either side.  If you specify a string of more than one character,
     37only the first non-whitespace character will be used.
     392007 Morris -
     40rfmorris on irc://freenode/trac
     422008 Modification by Jason Winnebeck
    745== Bugs/Feature Requests ==
    1250If you have any issues, create a
    1351[ new ticket].
     53=== Future Work ===
     55 * Minor issue: I need help on how to figure out where/how to put the documentation such that the web admin console can see descriptions on it.
    1557== Download ==
    2365== Example ==
    25 Replaces the "Start Page" link in the Trac bar. If you are on this page, you would see [wiki:WikiStart Start Page] / ShowPathPlugin instead. If you were in a a subpage like "!ShowPathPlugin/SubPage" you would see [wiki:WikiStart Start Page] / [wiki:ShowPathPlugin ShowPathPlugin] / !SubPage.
     67Replaces the "Start Page" link in the Trac bar. If you are on this page, you would see[[BR]][wiki:WikiStart Start Page] / ShowPathPlugin[[BR]]instead. If you were in a a subpage like "!ShowPathPlugin/SubPage" you would see[[BR]][wiki:WikiStart Start Page] / [wiki:ShowPathPlugin ShowPathPlugin] / !SubPage.
    2769== Recent Changes ==