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Sibling Navigation


This plugin adds a [[SiblingNav]] wiki macro resulting in a listing of the wiki path leading to the current page and a list of sibling pages. This is only useful for a hierarchic wiki structure, e.g. Meetings/20080304 is a subpage of Meetings. This plugin does the right thing for both top pages and subpages.


If you have any questions, issues or patches, please contact me via e-mail: [uws+trackhacks@…]. I don't read TracHacks tickets, sorry.

Download Source

I don't use the Track Hacks SVN repository. The plugin is available from my Bazaar branch at You can bzr branch that url or just download the appropriate file to your plugin directory.


Simple usage for the current page: [[SiblingNav]]

For a navigation list for a different page prefix, use [[SiblingNav(PagePrefix)]].


Author: WouterBolsterlee