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go into details for policy and enforcement

Username Policy for

Valid usernames


  • 5 .. 30 characters

upper limit is a bit arbitrary here, but nevertheless should exist

  • contains maximum of 3 numeric characters
  • no space in-between (use '_' instead)
  • Unicode chars allowed

a phonetic/all-latin transcription is strongly recommended on the user wiki page to ease conversation (commonly in English)


Ideally we'll implement all rules in the registration procedure provided by AccountManagerPlugin.

Of course that doesn't help for existing accounts, and we need to called the following users for clearance:

Exceptions should all get documented openly. We must advertise at the mailing-list and send notifications to existing email contacts. If the user is not responsive within a reasonable amount of time, say 3 months, we'll close the account and remove it after another 3-month-period.